Photography & Film Policy

MARTA has some great scenic views of Atlanta, both above and below the city. Many film directors and producers choose MARTA for the set of their next big project, but there are some procedures that everyone needs to follow — from aspiring film students to the biggest movie execs.

Request Permission

Planning to include MARTA in your next project? Fill out our Film & Photography Request Form and send it to our communications office. Be aware that all film requests must be submitted at least 30 days before filming begins.

Justin B. Wilson
404-425-3732 (cell)

Robin D. Boyd
404-680-4627 (cell)  

Film Policy

A signed license agreement is required to film any commercial photography, television shows, short features or any other film projects. MARTA will approve or reject the filmmaker's request based on how the project will affect the normal transit service schedule. To have a license agreement fulfilled, all of the following requirements must be met:

Insurance: The filmmaker must agree to an insurance policy that covers liability, property damages and personal injury. The policy will also insure MARTA and has a 30-day cancellation provision. Worker’s compensation coverage must be provided from the filmmaker along with the insurance policy.

Security: To ensure that things run smoothly, an off-duty MARTA Police officer must be retained and paid directly by the filmmaker. The payment must be approved by worker’s compensation coverage.

Schedule: The filmmaker will need to provide a detailed filming schedule in conjunction with the time period agreed upon in the license agreement.

Costs: The minimum hourly charge to cover MARTA property and personnel used in the project is $500. Payment must be made ahead of time, and there may be additional charges depending on the film project.


Before you submit your license agreement, there are some other restrictions you'll need to know about. Filmmakers must comply with all of MARTA’s safety requirements. Filming is not allowed on in-service MARTA trains, vehicles or buses. Also, scripts must be submitted and approved by our supervisors to assure it won't place MARTA in a bad light. Filmmakers cannot alter the MARTA property, and they must return their designated sets back to a clean, normal position.

Photography Policy

Our photography policy isn't quite as strict as our film policy. Requests for photography on MARTA must be approved through our communications office. A detailed description of the date, time and location of your photography shoot — as well as how many people will participate — should be included in the request. If your photography crew has three or more people, an off-duty MARTA officer must escort everyone throughout the production. Most importantly, the photography shoot must not interfere with MARTA transit or disturb our passengers.

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