Elevator & Escalator Advisories

Lakewood Station: 

Arriving by bus or parking on the West side of the station needing elevator service: Will need to ask the Station Agent in the bus loop to call for a shuttle to enter on the East side of the station.

Also when exiting the station needing elevator service to the West side bus loop or parking lot: Will need to ask the Station Agent at the fare gates to call a shuttle, then exit to the East parking area for pick up.

If you have any questions or concerns please call 404-848-4093.


Here are all of the Out-Of-Service units in the system at this time: 

Station Equipment Unit number Location Direction
(E3) Inman Park Elevator 4 Glass Unit of South End N/A
(W4) West Lake Escalator 2 East-Bound Platform Down
(S3) Oakland City Escalator 1 S Concourse Up
(S4) Lakewood Elevator 3 East-Parking Lot N/A
(N1) Peachtree Center Escalator 16 N Concourse to Platform UP
(N3) North Ave. Elevator 6 North End To Northbound N/A
(N1) Peachtree Center Escalator 11 North-Bound Platform Up
(N1) Peachtree Center Escalator 12 North-Bound Platform Down
(E3) Inman Park Escalator 3 Street To Concourse Up


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