Breeze Cards
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Using Your Breeze Card

What is Breeze?

The Breeze Card is a long-term use card; is durable; allows the loading of various and multiple fare products; can be registered for Balance Protection; is meant to be kept for future use and reloading. The cost of the Breeze Card is $2.00 in addition to the cost of a fare or pass.

The Silver Breeze Cards are safer than ever, and they come packed with features that make commuting with MARTA simple — like built-in transfers and the capacity for multiple fare options loaded onto a single card.

Breeze Cards and Tickets are accepted as valid fare media on Bus, Streetcar and Rail.

Getting Started

Using Breeze starts with buying your own Breeze Card. You have a couple options for doing so:

  • You can stop by one of our MARTA RideStores or purchase a card from one of our Breeze Vending Machines
  • You can order one online using

Silver Breeze Cards cost $2 and don't include any fares from the get-go — a change from our old Breeze Cards. This means you can choose the fares that fit your needs rather than using the preloaded fares that once came with your initial card purchase. If you're not sure what our fare options are or which one is right for you, check out our Fare Programs Overview.

Using Your Breeze Card

Once you have a card, all you need to do is head over to MARTA and start using your card. When you arrive at the station or when you board a bus, look for the blue Breeze targets on the rail gates and bus fare boxes. Tap your Breeze Card on these targets, and that's it — no scanning or transactions. Simply tap and go. The reader will let you know whether your card is accepted and how much you have remaining in your Breeze Card balance.

How to Use Your Transfers

Every Breeze Card and Ticket comes with four transfers. This means you can change bus routes or switch from bus to train (and vice versa) without using extra fare.

The way transfers work depends on your commute. If you're moving from a train to a bus, you'll have to tap your Breeze Card or Ticket at the gate. Make sure the screen mentions your transfer before exiting the station. Once you board the bus, tap the Breeze Card or Ticket again to use the transfer. And if you're transferring from bus to train or from bus to bus, the driver of the bus you exit will have to apply the transfer to your card or ticket.

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