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About MTI  Background  Initiatives  Strategy  MTI FAQs 

What is MTI?

The MARTA Transformation Initiative (MTI) is a strategic program for improving MARTA’s day to day business functions. MTI evaluates how personnel, processes, and policies can better support MARTA’s operations. The program aims to reduce operating costs while increasing revenue streams. These objectives secure the resources MARTA will need to grow, adapt, and change in the future.

Why is MTI important now?

We all remember hard times during the Recession. MARTA is no exception. We got a major reality check: If we didn’t take serious actions immediately, we’d be out of compliance with the MARTA Act by 2017. MARTA was forced to make some difficult decisions to get back on track. We’re grateful to be in a better place today, but we still have a long way to go. We are working to get our financial house in order, and better than ever. MTI is one of the ways that MARTA continues to build on the progress we’ve already made. MTI is an example of MARTA’s commitment to developing better business practices now to ensure that we are still in business in the future.

What are the alternatives to MTI?

There are no alternatives—we have to change the way we do business to be prepared to meet future needs. That’s why we’re taking steps today that bring value, save money, and build trust. We want to ensure MARTA’s long-term stability and success.

Where can MTI lead MARTA?

Business as usual will eventually steer us to an unstable financial future. Whether we like it or not, we have to make some changes. It is our responsibility to hold the Authority accountable and make practical decisions today that will set the foundation for stability tomorrow. You can think of the MTI program as our road map. MTI provides clear directions to help us reach our main goal— improving the way we do business and shifting the course of our future towards long-term sustainability.

How will MTI change MARTA?

MTI focuses on ways that MARTA can improve its day to day business functions. The program is structured into twelve Transformation Initiatives. Each initiative has a specific focus area and evaluates how personnel, processes, and policies can better support MARTA’s operations. Strategies include optimizing our resources, operating more efficiently, and enhancing the quality of our performance. Many of the initiatives also explore best practices and market alternatives in our industry to see what opportunities are available for additional consideration. The MTI program will incrementally integrate the best improvement strategies into MARTA’s business model.

When will MTI happen?

It’s already underway. Over the course of the five year strategic transformation program the twelve initiatives will be implemented. Each initiative operates as an independent work stream. The duration and implementation schedules are based on the scope of each initiative’s respective focus areas. All twelve initiatives will be fully implemented and integrated into MARTA’s business model as part of the 5 year plan.

What can we expect?
The MTI Program is still in its early stages, so any anticipated improvements and changes are hard to specify at this time. We understand how MTI may cause a variety of concerns. Change isn’t easy, especially when you’re not sure what to expect.

As the program progresses, we will publish regular updates both here and in our regular reports to MARTOC our legislative oversight committee.


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