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MARTA Highlights

The Faces of MARTA 

Several Atlantans depend on MARTA to help them live their lives, getting from point A to point B. In addition to getting Atlantans to their destinations, MARTA has a few other advantages:

  • Cost  - Compare the cost of gas, parking and auto maintenance to the cost of a monthly employer pass, you will find that the employer pass is far more economical.
  • Convenience - Most buses and trains run on a set schedule that you can plan your commuting time around. Consider your driving time and see if that time could be better spent reading the newspaper or checking your emails while leaving the driving to MARTA.
  • Environment - Everyone who is taking his or her own vehicle is causing some individual pollution. Many public transportation systems do not cause the same energy waste (like MARTA buses), so it's up to each of us to do our part.

    We asked people just like you to explain to you why the MARTA system is important them...

Freddie Flores
Bill Kalwiller
David Haynes



“I think MARTA is important because it gets me to where I need to go: point A, point B, work, what have you…”

“MARTA’s important to cut down on pollution in Atlanta, energy usage, and to help MARTA a more prominent part of people’s transportation plans.” 


“MARTA is important because everybody needs options to get around the region.” 
John Anthony
Walker Carney
Thomas Redmond




“I think MARTA is important because it’s lowering our impact on global warming by having more people ride public transportation.”
“I like MARTA because it can get me to the airport on time.”
“I think MARTA is important because of the convenience and the ease of travel.”
Stephanie Webb
Parker Grandits
Lisa Arsenanlt


“I think MARTA’s important because you don’t have to drive around downtown and get stuck in traffic.”

“MARTA is important to save gas!” 
“I think MARTA is important because it saves me significant time and money with traffic in Atlanta, and the cost of gas these days and car upkeep and what not…”

Tarreka Daniels
Hyun Chong
Donfiea Woolfork


“I think MARTA is very, very important because I don’t have a way of getting around unless I ride MARTA, and MARTA’s doing a great job.”
“ MARTA is really important because it saves your gas money, it’s faster, no traffic, you know…just good….”

“MARTA is important because it gets you from point A to point B.” 
Shequaya Bailey
Lauvenia Ross



“I think MARTA is important because it gets people where they need to be.”

“We ride MARTA to get to place to place. I like MARTA.”
“I think MARTA is important because it decreases traffic congestion and because people can rely on it rather than having to buy cars.” 
Agnes Browning


“I think MARTA is important because it’s a nice and convenient way to explore the city.” 

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