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EmployeeFrequently Asked Questions

The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority is Atlanta's state-of-the-art public transportation system. MARTA's mission is to provide our customers with the highest level of safe, clean, reliable, and affordable transportation. Welcome aboard! We hope you enjoy the ride. Please click on any question to be taken directly to the answer. After each answer, you can continue to scroll down or click to return to the top of the questions. Thank you. 


Fare Information

Q: 1. How do I ride MARTA?

A: Easy Planning- Call 404-848-5000 and give our highly trained Customer Information operators your departure and destination points. We have a complete staff of operators who speak multiple languages. Take your time; repeat the information given and then write down information about MARTA locations, the names and numbers of routes, departure and arrival times, and any transfer information you may need. Feel free to ask questions and to call again to review your instructions.

Easy Boarding
Look for the blue, gold, and orange striped signs that identify MARTA stops, stations and vehicles.

Bus Riders:
MARTA buses display the names and numbers of routes just above the windshield. Signal to the driver that you wish to board.

Train Riders:
Signs that display, "To Trains" direct you to the boarding platforms. Remember which direction (north, south, etc.) you plan to travel. Look for white courtesy telephones, customer service personnel and uniformed MARTA transit police for additional assistance.

Easy Fares
A single $2.50 fare covers one-way bus or train trips, including transfers. You will need a Breeze Card to ride. In addition to the cost of fare $2 will be added to the purchase of a new Breeze Card.

Bus Riders
may drop exact cash (bills or coins) into the fare box near the driver. Or tap your Breeze Card on the target on the farebox.

TRANSFER POLICY: Bus to Bus transfers are no longer issued. You must have a valid Breeze Card loaded with appropriate fare to ride MARTA. Transfers are only available on a Breeze Card and are automatically loaded when you tap to board a bus or exit a rail station. If you pay with cash you will still need a Breeze Card to receive your transfer. Bus-to-Bus transfers are designed to help customers get from point A to point B that are not accessible using one bus route. Transfers cannot be used for roundtrip travel.

Train Riders may purchase Breeze Cards at Breeze Vending Machines located inside all Rail Stations. Tap Breeze Card on the target on station entry gates to enter station.

Easy Riding
Enjoy the ride, but stay alert.
If you need assistance while traveling, bus riders may ask our friendly drivers to help you identify your stop. As you approach your stop, pull the overhead cord, or push the strip along the windows to let the driver know you want to get off.
For rail transit users, rail system maps are clearly posted inside each train car. Trains stop at all stations and the station name is announced prior to arrival. The station name is also visible from the train. Exit signs located in every station identify directions to nearby streets and landmarks.

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Q: 2. When does MARTA Operate?

A: Buses: MARTA buses operate  weekdays from approximately 5 a.m. to 1:30 a.m and until 12:30 a.m. weekends and holidays.  Bus schedules may vary by neighborhood.

Rail: MARTA trains operate as follows:
Weekdays - 4:45 a.m. to 1:00 a.m
Weekends & Holidays  -  6:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.
Frequencies:   Weekday 6 a.m. to 7 p.m; 15 minute all lines, Weekday 7 p.m. to 1 a.m.; 20 minutes all lines, Weekend 20 minutes all lines

Renovation Work Schedules: Due to renovation on the rail system, expect up to 20 minutes between trains after 9 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and continuously Friday, 9 p.m., through Sunday on certain weekends. Refer to Single Tracking schedules listed on MARTA's homepage as times may vary. For more information, please visit scheduled delays or call Customer Information at (404) 848-5000.

Holidays: Please see our holiday schedule.

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Q: 3. How can I use MARTA to/from the Airport? 

A: MARTA has a rail station right inside Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. This service offers the quickest and most inexpensive way to get to downtown Atlanta's hotels and other hotels all over Fulton and DeKalb counties. The station is located near the baggage claim area, at the North end of the Airport.

When leaving the airport after 9 p.m. be aware that you must change trains at Lindbergh Station to reach Buckhead, Medical Center, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs and North Springs Stations. During periods that renovation is occurring on the system be aware that some trains may terminate abnormally. Always confirm the destination of your train by looking at the train destination sign and listening for train announcements.

MARTA's Airport Station

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Q: 4. How does a Day Pass work?

A: The Day Pass offers unlimited rides from the first use for 1,2,3,4, 7 or 30 consecutive days. A day on MARTA is not 24-hours; a day starts whenever service begins in the morning, and ends whenever service stops at night. Bus and rail service times vary from weekdays to weekends. Hours of Operation   Prices

Ex. A 3-Day Pass first used on Tuesday at 7 p.m., starts day two on Wednesday when service begins and day three will work throughout Thursday; on Friday the 3-Day Pass will be expired.

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Q: 5. Is MARTA accessible for disabled riders? 

A: MARTA provides easy service to elderly and disabled passengers. All of MARTA's trains and rail stations, as well as our entire bus fleet are accessible.

All of our buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts and/or kneeling capability. We also provide priority seating as designated at the front of every bus by the international handicap symbol for our senior citizens and persons who may use wheelchairs for transportation. Wheelchair tie-downs are available on all of MARTA's buses.

Each rail station is 100 percent accessible with special, wide faregates for persons with disabilities. Escalators and elevators are located between the rail, bus, and street levels at each station. Each train has a special wheelchair space at one end of each rail car.

MARTA has a TTY Schedule Information telephone number for the hearing impaired. Call (404) 848-5665 between 7a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends and most holidays.

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Q: 6a. How Does MARTA Help Atlanta? (The Economy) 

A: MARTA connects employees and employers throughout the metro region. MARTA carries 93 percent of all transit riders in the Atlanta region. MARTA helps alleviate congestion, which is the No. 1 barrier to economic growth in metro Atlanta. MARTA is a selling point in attracting mega conventions and major sporting events. MARTA has been a catalyst for the economic growth and development of the Atlanta region. Without MARTA, it is unlikely the region would have attracted major corporations to locate here, or would have attracted major economic generators such as the 1996 Olympics. MARTA contributes $476 million annually to Atlanta’s gross regional product. MARTA has helped Atlanta live up to its image as a world-class city steeped in a rich history of transportation. MARTA represents a nearly $4 billion public investment that should provide the basis for a coordinated regional mass transit system.

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Q: 6b. How Does MARTA Help Atlanta? (The Environment)  

A: A study conducted by the American Public Transit Association found that in 2001 alone, public transportation use in the Atlanta area saved 19.3 million gallons of gasoline, and kept more than 300 million pounds of pollutants out of the air. MARTA has one of the largest fleet of compressed natural gas buses in the nation, increasing mobility while reducing pollution. The availability of MARTA as a transit alternative saved Atlantans approximately 25 million man-hours in traffic delays.

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Q: 7. What is the process to request a bus shelter/bench?  

A:  Request Process

To request a MARTA Bus Shelter/Bench, please contact MARTA’s Customer Service Center at 404-848-5000 Monday - Friday between the hours of 8:00am -5:00pm. Select your language choice then press option 3 then option 3 again to speak to a Customer Care Representative.

Provide the Customer Care Representative with an address, or the street where the bus stop is located, along with the closest intersection to the requested bus stop, and contact information (name, phone number, address and email address).

The Representative will then provide a tracking number which can be used to obtain status of the request if needed. The request will be forwarded to the MARTA Bus Shelter/Bench Program where it will be processed.

Upon receipt of the Bus Shelter/Bench request, the MARTA Bus Shelter/Bench Coordinator will begin the evaluation process and provide the MARTA Customer Service Center with the initial findings within five business days of receipt, and also continuous updates throughout the process if necessary. A Customer Care Representative will contact the Requestor upon receipt of the updates.

Bus Shelter/Bench Installation

The installation of a MARTA Bus Shelter or Bench is based on a ranking process that takes into consideration the number of passengers that board at the specific bus stop location as well as other important criteria, in conjunction with existing budgetary limitations. While a request for a bus shelter or bench will be accepted and may meet the MARTA Service Standard we are not funded to the level that all requests can be filled.

It is MARTA desire to provide you with protection from the elements enhance your comfort and safety while you wait on a MARTA bus within MARTA’s service area, DeKalb County, Fulton County and the City of Atlanta. Requests like yours provides input which help us to serve all of our customers better.

Bus Shelter and Bench requests are received from individual customers along with community leaders, elected officials and other sources. Before we can make a decision regarding installation it will be necessary to conduct an evaluation consisting of the following criteria:

  1. Daily Boardings. (7-14 for a bench and 15 or greater boarding per day for a shelter)
  2. Number of bus routes served.
  3. Proximity to other shelters/benches.
  4. Equal distribution of shelters/benches in service area. 
  5. Proximity to Activity Centers.
  6. Physical attributes of the requested site

Within five days of receipt of the shelter/bench request:

  • The requestor will receive a “Request Acknowledgment Letter indicating that the site meets the criteria above and will be evaluated for a shelter or bench. Due to the heavy volume of requests and the time needed for the evaluation process, please allow a minimum of 90 days to receive a response.
  • If the site does not qualify based on the criteria above, the requestor will receive a “Low Ridership Denial Letter” indicating the site does not meet MARTA’s Service Guideline.

Within the 90 days of evaluation:

  • If the site cannot accommodate a concrete pad due to: slopes, insufficient set back of 10-foot setback allowance from the roadway, blockage of the view of turning vehicles, limited space or blockage to guardrail/barrier, fire hydrants or utilities. A “Site Condition Denial Letter” will be issued. MARTA must adhere to the Zoning and established local or state government setback requirements.
  • If the site is approved for installation. It will be added to MARTA’s list of shelters approved for installation, the requestor will be notified when it will be determined to construct the shelter or bench which is dependent on available funding, ranking, easement approval from property owners if applicable, and permitting from the local jurisdiction.

Upon installation, all the shelters and benches are serviced by the Contractor, through the telephone #1-866-535-0937 that can be found on all of the shelters and benches. For broken glass or graffiti sites, they will be serviced with 12 hours, and for trash pickup sites, they will be serviced within twenty hours.

For a more efficient way to request for MARTA to consider placing a shelter or bench at a particular bus stop, please call MARTA’s Customer Care Center at (404) 848-5000.  When you call, please be ready to provide the following information:  your name, phone number and the exact address/location.  If the location is near an intersection, you must provide the names of both streets and the city.  If the stop is near a business, please provide the exact name and address of the business.

Thank you for supporting MARTA.

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Q 8: Does MARTA offer a discount for group purchases?

A: MARTA has a volume discount for the purchase of 200 or more Day Passes; no other pass type applies. This discount is obtainable when purchasing online at The deliver-by date should be greater than 14 days from the current date.

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Q 9: Can I purchase Breeze Cards in advance?

A: Breeze Cards may be purchased in advance online as long as the deliver-by date is greater than 14 days from the current date. Click Here to order 15-200 cards or Click Here for fewer than 15 cards (1 card per transaction) .

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MARTA: Committed to You.

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