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Best of MARTA Videos


MARTA trains travel to some interesting destinations! We have asked different MARTA employees to step away from their day jobs and become a tour guide.  We have asked a MARTA Police officer, a Bus Operator, a Rail Supervisor, Station Agent, and various office workers to show us around a station and point out the interesting places to see nearby. We invite you to take a 4-minute video tour and learn something new about a station near you.

Featured Station Video

 Civic Center Station Video


Airport Station Video


Art Center Station Video


Avondale Station Video

Buckhead & Medical Center Stations Video


College Park Station Video


Decatur Station Video


Dome/Vine City Station Video


Doraville Station Video


Dunwoody Station Video


East Lake / Edgewood Candler Park Stations Video 



Five Points Station Video


Indian Creek & Kensington Stations Video

Inman Park/Reynoldstown Stations Video


King Memorial and Georgia State Station Video


Lenox Station Video


Lindbergh Center Station Video


Midtown Station Video



North Avenue Station Video

North Springs Station Video

Peachtree Center Station Video


Sandy Springs Station Video


South Line Stations Video

West Line Stations: H.E. Holmes, West Lake, Ashby, and Bankhead Stations Video


MARTA See Tracks Think Train Videos


Rookie's Guide Videos



Protect Your Property Videos


The MARTA Safety Slide


MARTA Dump the Pump Commercial

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