Emergency Preparedness Unit

Emergency Preparedness

Whether it is a snow storm, a heavy rainfall with flooding, or a terrorist act using weapons of mass destruction, disasters can strike at any time and often without any warning.  Therefore, as a major public transportation agency, MARTA’s security planning for emergencies of all types is essential to timely and effective responses and recovery.

The Emergency Preparedness Unit supports the emergency management functions of the MARTA Police Department. In addition to working with multiple agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Georgia Emergency Management Association (GEMA), and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), the Emergency Preparedness Unit is afforded opportunities to build stronger resources through these relationships for planning and intelligence gathering to further safeguard the MARTA transit system. 

The unit's goal is to provide MARTA with continuing preparedness activities and initiatives focused on hardening infrastructures, developing and implementing 21st century security strategies, and augmenting the resiliency of our entire transit agency in response to and recovery from all hazards, both natural and unnatural.


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