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MARTA Mobility Guide  

MARTA, operating within Fulton and DeKalb Counties, is committed to providing transportation services that can be used by all of our customers with ease and comfort. MARTA fixed route buses, rail cars and rail stations are designed with special features to accommodate both elderly and disabled patrons. There are elevators in train stations, and buses are lift-equipped, for riders who use wheelchairs or have difficulty getting up and down bus steps. For everyone’s benefit, drivers announce major stops, intersections, and transfer points to help riders recognize their bus stop or point of transfer.

There is priority seating at the front of each bus for riders who are elderly or have a disability. Reserved spaces with tie-down straps and driver assistance are available for riders who use wheelchairs to provide a safe and secure ride. We encourage our customers with disabilities to take advantage of the flexibility and independence that our fixed route bus and train services provide.


ADA Categories of Eligibility

Category I

Category II

Category III

MARTA Mobility Modes Provided

Origin to Destination Service

Feeder Service

MARTA Mobility Area

MARTA Mobility Operating Hours

Applying for Paratransit 

ADA Photo Identification

Making a Reservation for a Trip

Reservation Services Provided

Advanced Reservation Service

Subscription Service


Canceling/Changing Reservations

How to Ride MARTA Mobility

Required Fares


Mobility Aids

Transporting Packages or Animals

No-Show Suspension and Appeals Policy

MARTA Mobility Rider's Responsibilities

MARTA Mobility Driver's Responsibilities

Lost and Found Articles

Customer Guide Alternative Formats

How to Make a Suggestion or Comment

MARTA Mobility Newsletter 

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MARTA issues Reduced Fare Cards for senior citizens and riders who have disabilities. This card allows an eligible individual to travel at half the regular fare at all times.

  • Nursing Homes/Adult Day Centers MARTA reduced fare is $1.00. The reduced fare must be paid in cash, with exact change. Reduced-Fare cards are good for both bus and rail service. To be eligible for discounts, you must be 65 years of age or older or have a physical or mental disability. For further information, call the MARTA Reduced-Fare Office at (404) 848-5112.

The Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) requires MARTA and other public transit agencies throughout the country to provide complementary MARTA Mobility service, or equivalent public transportation, to individuals with disabilities who cannot board, ride or get to an accessible fixed route bus or train because of their disabilities.

If your disability prevents you from using a MARTA lift-equipped bus or the accessible rail system, you may be eligible for MARTA Mobility.

What is Fixed Route Service? 

MARTA’s fixed route system consists of bus and rail services that operate on established routes, days and scheduled times within Fulton and Dekalb County.

What is MARTA Mobility? 

MARTA Mobility is a shared ride, advanced reservation form of public transportation that complements MARTA’s fixed route service. MARTA Mobility is equivalent to fixed route services. They are designed for, and restricted to, eligible individuals whose disabilities absolutely prevent them from using fixed route services.

MARTA Mobility operates within the MARTA service area. Specially equipped lift vehicles are capable of transporting up to three wheelchairs and up to nine (9) ambulatory customers. The service operates to and from facilities on a curb-to-curb* basis, or as a feeder service to the fixed route system.

*Customers need to inform the Reservationists upon booking a trip whether they will need  the Operator to assist them to and from the door/entrance. The Operator will make every effort to accomdate these requests as long as it does not present a threat to the Operators' safety or require them to leave their assigned vehicle unattended for a long period of time.

Who Is Eligible for Paratransit Service? 

ADA public law defines who is eligible for complementary paratransit service in Section 223 of the Federal regulations. Eligibility is based on the following three categories:

I. Category 1 Eligibility :

The first category of eligibility includes those persons who are unable to use fully accessible fixed route services. Included in this category is:

“Any individual with a disability who is unable, as a result of a physical or mental impairment (including a vision impairment), and without the assistance of another individual (except the operator of a wheelchair lift or other boarding assistance device), to board, ride, or disembark from any vehicle on the system which is readily accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities." [Code Section 37.123(e)(1)]

This applies to an individual who cannot independently negotiate the fixed route system (board, ride or disembark from a bus or train).

II. Category 2 Eligibility :

The second category of eligibility includes:

“Any individual with a disability who needs the assistance of a wheelchair lift or other boarding assistance device and is able, with such assistance, to board, ride, and disembark from any vehicle which is readily accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities if the individual wants to travel on a route of the system during the hours of operation of the system at a time, or within a reasonable period of such time, when such a vehicle is not being used to provide designated public transportation on the route.” [Code Section 37.123(e)(2)]

This applies to an individual who would be able to use the fixed route system if it were accessible (e.g., if a low-floor or lift-equipped bus is not available). This category is not required once a transit system is 100% accessible. 

III. Category 3 Eligibility :

The third category of eligibility includes:

“Any individual with a disability who has a specific impairment-related condition which prevents such individual from traveling to a boarding location or from a disembarking location on such system.” [Code Section 37.123(e)(3)]

This applies to an individual who, because of his/her disability, cannot access a bus stop or a train station to board the fixed route system and cannot access his/her final destination after disembarking from a fixed route bus or train. Eligibility is determined each time the eligible customer calls. Two important qualifiers to this category are included in the regulations. First, environmental conditions and architectural barriers not under the control of the public entity do not, when considered alone, confer eligibility. Inconvenience in using the fixed route system is not a basis for eligibility.

An individual who believes he/she is eligible must apply for certification. His/her eligibility application must be certified by a licensed rehabilitation or medical professional affiliated with an accredited service center working with disabilities. MARTA reserves the right to make all final eligibility determinations.

There are two ways in which an eligible customer may use MARTA Mobility: 1) on a curb-to-curb basis or 2) as a feeder service to the fixed route system.

What is Origin to Destination Service?

The Department’s ADA regulation, 49 CFR §37.129 (a) provides that, with the exception of certain situations in which on-call bus service or feeder paratransit service is appropriate, “complementary paratransit service for ADA paratransit eligible persons shall be origin-to-destination service.”

MARTA Mobility service is curb-to-curb. However, MARTA Mobility recognizes that service beyond curb-to-curb may be needed by some customers due to their disability.  Door-to-Door service is available to customers who require such assistance

  • Customers who require door-to-door assistance should make this request at the time a reservation is made; however, MARTA Mobility will make its best efforts to provide the needed assistance to customers who do not request advance notice for assistance.
  • Operators do not provide services that exceed door-to-door assistance. Operators are not permitted to enter buildings and/or private residences, lock doors, or set home alarm systems, etc
  • Mobility Operators are not permitted to provide assistance that requires him or her to leave their assigned Mobility van unattended for a lengthy period of time or lose the ability to keep their assigned Mobility van under visual observations.. 
  • Mobility Operators cannot place himself or herself, or the customer in danger (i.e., pushing, pulling, and lifting weights that strain the driver, traveling over threatening or potentially harmful terrain, slippery surfaces, etc).  
  • Mobility Operators are permitted to assist ambulatory passengers up and down the steps of the Mobility van as well as steps going to and from the vehicle unless it poses a direct threat to safety.
  • Mobility Operators are permitted to assist passengers who utilize wheelchairs or other mobility aids up or down one curb or step unless it poses a safety risk

Drivers are not permitted to leave their vehicles unattended or to escort a customer to and from a building.

What is Feeder Service?

Feeder service operates from the curb of a customer’s pick-up location to the nearest appropriate accessible fixed route bus stop or the nearest rail station. A customer who is conditionally eligible for paratransit service will transfer from a paratransit vehicle to a fixed route vehicle to complete his/her trip. This service is for an individual who could use the fixed route system if an accessible route were available to the individual and the individual could get to/from the accessible fixed route.

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Where Does MARTA Mobility Operate? 

MARTA Mobility may not extend beyond a .75 mile radius from the fixed route system. MARTA Mobility operates to and from any point of origin or destination that is within a .75 mile corridor on each side of each bus route or within a .75 mile radius of each rail station within the MARTA service area. Points of origin and destination not within this .75 mile corridor or not surrounded by fixed-route service are not eligible for ADA paratransit services.

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When Does MARTA Mobility Operate?

  • MARTA Mobility operates during the same days and hours when MARTA fixed route bus and rail service is available.
  • NOTE: Service cannot be provided earlier, later or on days when regular MARTA service is not available 

When a fixed route in a particular area operates on a more limited basis, Paratransit services will operate comparable days and hours.

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How Do I Apply for MARTA Mobility?

Call for an Application.

To apply, please call MARTA at (404) 848-5000 from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Individuals with hearing impairments may reach us through the Georgia Relay Service at 711 (TTY) or 1-800-255-0135 (Voice). Georgia Relay Service calls must be directed to our MARTA Mobility Agents at 404-848-5000. A MARTA Mobility Agent will describe MARTA Mobility to the applicant and mail an application upon request. Should the applicant prefer, the application may be completed by phone and the responses will be mailed to the applicant for review, verification, and authorization for a Health Care Professional to release information.

Part A of the Application for MARTA Mobility Eligibility must be completed by the applicant, a representative or a legal guardian who is familiar with the applicant's disability and his/her ability to travel on a bus or train. At the top of the last page of Part A, the name, address and telephone number of the Health Care Professional who will certify Part B of the application must be provided. A signature on this page serves as the customer's authorization allowing the Health Care Professional to release medical information and allowing MARTA to process the application. This page must be completed and signed by all applicants. An authorization not properly signed will be returned to the applicant and will render the application incomplete.

Mail Completed Application to:

MARTA Mobility
2424 Piedmont Road, NE
Atlanta, GA 30324-3330

The same day that MARTA Mobility agents receive a completed Part A of the application with the signed authorization, they will forward a Request for Medical Information to the Health Care Professional.

Part B of the Application may only be completed by the applicant's Health Care Professional (Certifier). The Health Care Professional must be a licensed or certified professional who is qualified to assess the applicant's disability and his/her functional ability to travel on public transit. Once Part B is completed and returned to MARTA by the Health Care Professional, the application will be processed.

When Will I Know If I Can Use MARTA Mobility?

MARTA must process a completed application within twenty-one (21) calendar days of receipt. An application is considered complete when both Part A and Part B have been received in the MARTA Mobility office. Incomplete documents will be returned to the applicant or Health Care Professional for completion. If there is no response, the applicant’s file will be closed-out after one month, to be reopened upon the customer’s request. The twenty-one (21) day processing requirement will not apply to incomplete applications. 

Notification of Applicant's Status

The customer will be notified in writing, or alternative formats if requested, about his/her eligibility. If approved, the customer will be instructed as to how to obtain a MARTA ADA MARTA Mobility photo identification card and the MARTA Mobility Customer’s Guide.

What If My Application is Denied?

If you do not agree with MARTA's decision to deny eligibility for MARTA Mobility, you have the right to an appeal. Appeals must be filed, in writing, within sixty (60) days of your receipt of a denial letter.

Mail Letter of Appeal to:

MARTA Mobility Appeals Panel
2424 Piedmont Road, NE
Atlanta, GA 30324-3330

Upon receipt of your letter of appeal, MARTA will notify you of the location and time of the appeals hearing to be conducted within thirty (30) days. You will have the opportunity to be represented at the hearing and you may present information and arguments. A subcommittee of the MARTA Elderly & Disabled Access Advisory Committee (EDAAC) will make recommendations to MARTA at that time. If you are not satisfied with the opinion of the EDAAC subcommittee, formal appellate procedures may be followed. Please contact Paratransit Eligibility at (404) 848-5000 for detailed information regarding these procedures.

Do I Have to Be Recertified At Any Time?

Each MARTA Mobility customer must be recertified upon reaching his/her eligibility expiration date. Typically, eligibility extends for two (2) years from certification. A customer’s ADA Paratransit Photo Identification Card will indicate his/her MARTA Mobility eligibility expiration date. It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain a valid photo ID card and to reapply for service prior to one’s eligibility expiration date. If a customer fails to renew paratransit eligibility, he/she will be suspended from service until recertification is completed.

Temporary Disabilities

If a customer has a temporary disability, he/she may obtain MARTA Mobility eligibility for the expected duration of the disability. If the disability continues beyond the certified time, MARTA will require a revised certification from the customer’s Health Care Professional.

ADA MARTA Mobility Photo Identification Cards  

How Do I Receive My ADA Photo Identification Card?

ADA Photo Identification Cards must be obtained from MARTA after the customer receives confirmation of his/her eligibility to use MARTA Mobility.  MARTA will provide instructions on how to obtain a photo ID in the letter of confirmation.  A customer’s MARTA Mobility cannot begin until he/she has acquired a photo ID card.  Eligible customers may ride the MARTA Mobility vehicle free to the photo ID session; however, a one-way fare will be charged for the return trip.

Is My ADA Photo ID Card Good Only On MARTA Mobility?

The MARTA ADA MARTA Mobility Photo ID cards are accepted across the country.  They may be used to ride ADA MARTA Mobility wherever these services are available.  You must have your ADA Photo ID present each time you ride a MARTA Mobility vehicle.  Confirm exact scheduling rules and regulations with local transit authorities. 

For a free ride on MARTA’s fixed-route buses and trains, MARTA Mobility customers must present both a current MARTA ADA  Mobility Photo ID and a MARTA Mobility Fixed-Rte Pass upon boarding.  Please contact MARTA Mobility at (404) 848-5000 for more information on this program. 

What If I Lose My ADA Photo Identification Card?

If a customer misplaces his/her Photo ID Card, a replacement may be obtained by calling MARTA Mobility Customer Service at (404) 848-5000. A $1.00 replacement cost will be charged for the new identification card.

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How Do I Make A Reservation? 

Call MARTA at (404) 848-5000 Monday through Saturday between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM

What Are the Reservation Hours?

Reservations are accepted Monday through Saturday between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM. Reservations may be made up to 7 days in advance of a desired trip and until 5:00 PM the day preceding the day of travel.

Next-day reservations or cancellations only may be made on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM. The phone line for Saturday and Sunday is Voice Mail operated. When you call, you will be asked to leave your name and phone number, and your call will be returned within the hour.

Individuals with hearing impairments may confirm a reservation through the Georgia Relay Service at 711 or 1-800-255-0135. Georgia Relay Service calls must be directed to our MARTA Mobility agents at 404-848-5000, during normal business hours, or to our ETA department at 404-848-5000, after-hours.

What Information Do I Have to Give the Reservation Agent?

Whenever a reservation is made, the customer should give the reservation agent the following information:

  • Customer Name (first and last).
  • The exact addresses of both the departure and destination points. If known, the name of the nearest cross street is very helpful. The names of complexes or subdivisions, as well as building, apartment or suite numbers and easily identified pick-up points, should be communicated, where applicable. (Remember that the customer is responsible for making arrangements for the vehicle to access gated communities or secured complexes. A driver cannot be delayed trying to locate personnel to provide access to a complex.)
  • The drop-off time the customer must arrive at his/her appointment OR the pick-up time the customer wishes to be picked up. Your request for a drop-off time or a pick-up time will determine your “Ready Time” and thirty (30) minute pick-up window. 
  • Indicate when you will travel with a Travel Companion or an authorized Personal Care Attendant (PCA).
  • Indicate the type of mobility aid you will use, or if you will need to use the lift.
  • When a return trip is needed, indicate the desired pick-up or drop-off time.

Will My Reservation Be Confirmed Immediately?

Whenever possible, reservation confirmations are made when you call the reservation office. Please keep a log of the date and nature of your reservations and record the Ready Times confirmed by the Reservation Agent.

Two types of reservation service are offered: 1) Advance Reservation; and 2) Subscription. Both services may be scheduled as either curb-to-curb or feeder service to the fixed route bus or rail systems.

What is Advanced Reservation Service?

A customer may make a reservation up to seven (7) days in advance of a desired trip. Reservations are accepted until 5:00 PM on the day preceding the day of travel. Same day reservations and service are not available. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, reservations are accepted between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM and are limited to next day service and/or cancellations only.

Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Every effort will be made to accommodate requested pick-up or drop-off times; however, the customer should be aware that due to demand at certain times of the day, a requested trip time may not be available. The reservation agent will attempt to negotiate an alternate trip time and will confirm a trip as close to the requested time as possible.

Negotiating an alternate trip time is encouraged. Reservation agents may find it necessary to negotiate from a customer’s requested time plus or minus one hour.  Should the customer’s desired time of travel be unavailable, the customer may ask MARTA to continue its efforts to book the trip.

Every effort will be made to schedule trips so that travel times are comparable to the time it would take to make the trip by fixed route bus. If you are traveling excessive distances, you should expect your travel time to increase.

In our provision of a comparable shared-ride service, the duration of a paratransit trip may be the length of the same trip if it were taken on fixed route and rail, plus 30 minutes.

What Is Subscription Service?

Subscription service is offered to MARTA Mobility customers having travel patterns to and/or from the same destination(s), at the same time, at least one day per week, for at least six (6) months consecutively.  Individuals having schedules that require frequent changes are not eligible for subscription service.

Subscription service is restricted to trips to and from work, medical or educational institutions only. Service is offered Monday through Saturday. When a person is eligible for subscription service, it will be necessary for him/her to contact the scheduler to confirm desired days and times of travel. Once a subscription schedule is confirmed, the customer is relieved from making advance reservations. The paratransit vehicle will arrive during the scheduled pick-up window at the same location each day as prearranged with MARTA.

Long-term or permanent changes to subscription service which result from a move or a change in employment destination or time, must be submitted to MARTA at least thirty days prior to the date that the change is to take affect. MARTA cannot guarantee that requested changes will be available. Your request will be added to the subscription wait list in the order received.

Temporary and same day changes cannot be made to subscription trips. Requests for suspension “until further notice” will not be accepted. However, if you notify MARTA at least thirty days prior, you may request to suspend your subscription service for a maximum of thirty days. If you fail to notify MARTA Mobility schedulers when you need to extend a suspension beyond the original requested time period (not to exceed 30 days), your subscription service will be automatically cancelled. Additionally, if cancellations exceed eight (8) trips in a thirty-day period, you will be automatically dropped from subscription service. You may use advance reservation service for future trips.

Subscription service is not required by ADA and is offered as a convenience to our customers. Availability of this service is on a first-come, first-served basis. Under the ADA, the total number of subscription trips reserved may not exceed 50% of the space available on the system at any time period during any given day. Subscription trips are restricted at certain times during the day due to capacity constraints. All subscription trips are automatically cancelled on holidays. If you wish to ride on a holiday, you are responsible for re-scheduling the trip.

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How Do I Cancel or Change My Reservation?

Customers are encouraged to use our automated system to cancel or confirm future trips.  To use the automated system, dial 404-848-5000 and follow the prompts.  Before attempting to use the automated system, you will need to have your personal customer identification number, which can be obtained by speaking with an Eligibility, Reservations.

There are three methods to cancel your trips:

  • For advanced, cancellations, customers are encouraged to use our automated system to cancel or confirm future trips.  To access the automated system, dial 404-848-5000 and follow the prompts.  Before attempting to use the automated system, you will need to have your personal customer identification number, which can be obtained by speaking with an Eligibility or Reservations Customer Care Representative.  *Please note that customers can only cancel future trips and confirm trips through the automated system. If you need to make changes to future reservations, you will have to speak with a Customer Care Representative in the Reservations department.
  • Customers may cancel or change future reservations by calling Reservations and speaking with a Customer Care Representative.  Customers should call the reservation office the day before the scheduled trip by 5:00 PM weekdays and by 4:00 PM weekends at (404) 848-5000.
  • Customers may cancel a reservation on the date of expected travel which are the result of an unexpected emergency by calling the ETA department and speaking with a Customer Care Representative at (404) 848-5000.  Please note MARTA Mobility cannot change pick-up times or pick-up/drop-off locations on the day of your ride. Such changes would create an inconvenience to other riders. . Please keep a record of the day and time you called and the person you spoke to upon making any cancellation.

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How Do I Ride MARTA Mobility? 

Pick-Up/Drop-Off Times

Since traffic conditions and service interruptions may prohibit MARTA from meeting precise pick-up times, your trip will be scheduled to include a thirty (30) minute time frame (“Pick-Up Window”) to accommodate unexpected or minor interruptions in the schedule.

Pick-Up Window

Reservation Agents will confirm a “Ready Time” when the trip request is confirmed. Customers will not be given a precise pick-up time. The “Ready Time” is the earliest time in which a vehicle may arrive at your location. Customers must be ready to depart at their assigned Ready Time.

A Thirty (30) Minute “Pick-Up Window” will begin at the stated Ready Time. Customers should be ready to depart at any time during this thirty (30) minute Pick-Up Window.

The customer must prioritize either the drop-off or pick-up time when the reservation is made. The priority set by the customer will determine the Ready Time and the Pick-Up Window.

EXAMPLE: Customer prioritizes the Drop-Off Time.

When the priority is to be dropped off by a certain time, the reservation agent will state a Ready Time (the earliest time the paratransit vehicle can arrive) and apply the thirty (30) minute Pick-Up Window.

  1. Customer must arrive at work/school/appointment no later than 8:00 AM.
  2. The reservation agent evaluates alternatives and may offer the customer a 6:45 AM Ready Time.
  3. The customer’s pick-up window begins at 6:45 AM and ends at 7:15 AM (Ready Time plus thirty minutes).

The scheduled vehicle cannot arrive prior to 6:45 AM and is not late until after 7:15 AM. The customer should notify Dispatch after 7:15 AM if the paratransit vehicle has not arrived.

EXAMPLE: Customer prioritizes the Pick-Up Time.

When the customer’s priority is to be picked-up by a certain time, the reservation agent will state a Ready Time (earliest time in which the MARTA Mobility vehicle may arrive) and apply the thirty (30) minute window.

  1. Customer gets off work or finishes school or appointment at 4:00 PM. The customer cannot depart earlier than 4:00 PM.
  2. The reservation agent evaluates alternatives and may offer the customer a 4:15 PM Ready Time.
  3. The customer’s pick-up window begins at 4:15 PM and ends at 4:45 PM (Ready Time plus thirty minutes).

Your scheduled vehicle cannot arrive prior to 4:15 PM and is not late until after 4:45 PM. The customer should notify MARTA Dispatch after 4:45 PM if the vehicle has not arrived.

How do I Check on the Status of my Ride?

You may call the Dispatch Office at (404) 848-5000, anytime that your bus has not arrived within your 30-minute Window to check on the status of your ride.

What If the Vehicle Arrives Early?

MARTA Mobility vehicles should arrive during your 30 minute Pick-Up Window quoted by the reservation agent when the trip was confirmed. Customers must board the vehicle when it arrives. If the vehicle arrives earlier than the stated Ready Time, the operator must wait with the vehicle until five (5) minutes beyond the Ready Time.

Will the Driver Wait if I Am Late?

MARTA provides curb-to-curb services, unless you specify that you need assistance while booking your reservation. This means you should be ready to travel at your Ready Time waiting for the bus.  Out of courtesy for other MARTA Mobility customers who are scheduled on the same vehicle, the driver will wait not longer than a five (5) minute grace period. Customers must be ready to depart at any time during the thirty minute window described when the reservation was made. If a customer has not boarded the vehicle within the five-minute grace period, the vehicle will depart.

The driver and/or dispatcher will not be able to call the customer to advise that the vehicle has arrived. It is the customer’s responsibility to be prepared to board, when the vehicle arrives. If the customer does not board the vehicle within the five-minute grace period, the trip will be canceled and recorded as a “No-Show.”

Please note that the MARTA Mobility vehicle cannot wait while a customer conducts business at his/her destination. The customer must always schedule a return trip reservation.

Pick-Up Procedures

To provide safe, on-time service for all customers, the customer must designate a location where he/she will be waiting. The following procedures have been developed to ensure safe vehicle movement and standardized connecting point guidelines for major complexes:

Apartments/Office Complexes
A customer who lives in a large, multiple unit apartment complex must meet the MARTA Mobility vehicle at the curb closest to his/her address. If the apartment complex is inaccessible to a paratransit vehicle, a customer must meet the vehicle at the main entrance to the complex. If the facility has a guarded gate or limited access, the customer should inform the security staff of the scheduled pick-up and return times. It is the customer's responsibility to notify the reservation agent of security procedures when the reservation is made and to arrange quick access for the vehicle.

A customer traveling from a large office complex, medical facility or other similar area must meet the vehicle at the curb closest to the main reception desk or lobby entrance.

Nursing Homes/Adult Day Centers
Customers traveling to/from a nursing home or adult day center should meet the MARTA Mobility vehicle at the curb closest to the main lobby, unless instructed otherwise.  Drivers cannot assist customers from the building.  Drivers will assist customers on and off the vehicle, only. If the customer is not at the proper pick up location within the designated pick-up window and the five-minute grace period, the vehicle will depart and the driver will record the trip as a “No-Show”.

Shopping Malls
Customers will be dropped off and picked up at the Food Court entrance of a shopping mall.  When you schedule a trip to a shopping mall, the Food Court location will be confirmed by the MARTA Mobility reservation agent. 

Boarding the Paratransit Vehicle

A MARTA Mobility customer must carry his/her MARTA ADA Photo ID and have the correct fare of $3.80 on their Breeze Card or in cash. (See complete fare information table below.)

Drivers cannot make change. 

Driver Assistance

Customers need to inform the Reservationists upon booking a trip whether they will need  the Operator to assist them to and from the door/entrance. 

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Who Can Travel With Me?


  • A Personal Care Attendant (PCA) is someone designated or employed specifically to help  an ADA eligible customer meet his or her personal needs. This individual may either be an employee of the customer, a relative, a friend, or a care provider
  • The applicant should indicate whether you will travel with a PCA during the application process.
  • PCA’s travel at no cost when accompanying the eligible customer.

Travel Companions:

  • You may travel with one companion
  •  If you travel with a PCA, you may travel with one companion in addition to your PCA
  • Additional companions will be allowed on a space available basis.
  • Travel Companions are subject to the regular MARTA Mobility fare. 


  •  A maximum of 2 children under the height of 46" may accompany a MARTA Mobility customer free of charge.

The customer must inform the reservation agent when the reservation is made whether travel companions, children or a PCA will be accompanying them to ensure an accurate count of the individuals traveling on the Mobility Van
To be viewed as “accompanying” the eligible customer, the PCA, travel companions, and children must have the same origin and destination points as the eligible customer. 


What is the Fare?

Effective November 11, 2012

One (1) Trip

$    4.00

Two (2) Trips

$    8.00

Twenty (20) Trips

$  68.00

Mobility discounted Pass 30 Day Pass


All fare types must be loaded on Mobility Photo ID Card *Unlimited rides for consecutive days beginning first day of use.

 User Tips & Fare Guide

All MARTA Mobility Customers and companions must pay the fare to ride.  Customers must load money, trips and/or passes onto their Photo ID Breeze Cards or pay the cash fare.  Regular Breeze Cards are not accepted for Mobility certified customers.  Customers with expired passes or insufficient funds on their Mobility Photo ID Cards will not be allowed to ride unless they pay the cash fare of $4.00.

Customers can load their Mobility Photo ID Breeze Cards at a Breeze Vending Machine in any MARTA station, at a MARTA RideStore or through media sales by calling 404-848-5000 or fax 404-848-4058

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 What About Visitors With Disabilities?

Visitors to Fulton and Dekalb Counties who are disabled will be given “presumptive eligibility” and can ride MARTA Mobility for up to twenty-one (21) days each year without being certified by MARTA.  Visitors must provide proof of disability when boarding the vehicle.

MARTA honors Clayton, Cobb and Gwinnett Counties’ MARTA Mobility certification and photo ID as proof of eligibility.   Customers must provide verification of their eligibility to MARTA’s eligibility department.  If a MARTA Mobility customer’s trip includes traveling in any of these other county service areas, he or she must reserve trips and pay to transfer between systems. 

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How Do I Board A MARTA Mobility Van With A Mobility Aid?

MARTA will transport all “common” wheelchair types as defined by ADA regulations.  MARTA may refuse to board customers traveling in mobility devices that do not conform to the regulated dimensions and weight.   For your safety and comfort, the following ADA requirements must be met:


  • The wheelchair dimensions must not exceed 30 inches in width and 48 inches in length when measured two inches above the ground.
  • The wheelchair weight must not exceed 600 pounds when occupied.
  • For safety purposes, it is strongly recommended that wheelchairs back onto the hydraulic lift.
  • Wheelchair brakes must be locked while on the lift.
  • Wheelchair electric power must be turned off until the driver instructs the patron to re-engage.
  • Wheelchairs must wait for the driver’s assistance and follow instructions for entering the vehicle.
  • It is strongly recommended that a person using a manual wheelchair have attached footrests.
  • Customers with inoperative mobility devices cannot be transported.


Scooters are often unstable on lift equipment, and they may exceed the ADA allowable dimensions and weight. Some scooters also come with a warning from the manufacturer that they should not be used as seats on moving vehicles. Customers may ride standard scooters on the lift, but it is strongly recommended that our customers transfer to a paratransit vehicle seat, whenever possible. Customers traveling on scooters should adhere to the same safety procedures listed for wheelchairs.

Wheelchair Securement and Seat Belt Policy:

It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that mobility devices are properly secured. Wheelchair/scooter patrons are required to be secured into the four point tie-down system at all times while riding the vehicle. Operators are required to secure the lap and shoulder belts to ensure the customer’s safety. Failure to cooperate with safety related polices may result in a loss of services.

Ambulatory Customers:

Customers unable to use the steps to enter the vehicle may stand on the hydraulic lift to be lifted into the vehicle. Customers who stand on the lift must be able to stand without assistance and to hold the rails with both hands.

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May I Transport Packages or Animals?

  • Packages
    • Each customer is allowed to carry on three (3) packages, i.e., what you can carry on or off in one trip. D rivers do not provide assistance loading or unloading groceries or luggage.
    • Excessive luggage and large boxes cannot be accommodated. The maximum combined weight of all packages cannot exceed twenty-five (25) pounds.
    • Customers may be required to secure their packages at their seats , as storage space on the vehicle is limited.

Service Animals

  • Drivers are not permitted to handle service animals.
  • A service animal must behave under the voice command of its owner. Procedures for traveling with service animals involve loading the animal first and unloading the animal last.
  • For the safety and comfort of the driver and other passengers, service animals are required to be clean , well groomed, completely under the control of their handler and absolutely non-aggressive.
  • MARTA will transport other authorized service animals provided they are properly caged. 

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What If I Fail To Show Up For A Scheduled Trip? 

Failing to notify us that you will not be using a scheduled trip causes the vehicle to be dispatched unnecessarily to your location. No-Shows cost MARTA and taxpayers thousands of dollars each year. They also inconvenience other riders due to schedule disruptions and avoidable delays. For MARTA Mobility to provide on-time performance, the number of late cancellations and No-Shows must be kept to a minimum.

To emphasize the importance of avoiding No-Shows, MARTA, with the review and approval of the Elderly and Disabled Access Advisory Committee (EDAAC), has adopted the following No Show policy. A chargeable No-Show violation will be added to your record when:

  • Customer is not at the scheduled pick-up location at the established Ready Time and fails to board the bus within five (5) minutes of the arrival of that bus. (“No-Show”)
  • Customer cancels a scheduled trip within two (2) hours of the established Ready Time. (“Late Cancel”)
  • Customer chooses not to ride the vehicle after it arrives at the scheduled pickup. (“Cancel at the Door”)

When a customer is marked as a "No-Show" for a scheduled trip, all subsequent trips scheduled for the customer that day are automatically canceled.

Q. What qualifies as “No Show” or “Late Cancellation”?

A. If a customer fails to ride when the vehicle arrives on time or properly cancel a scheduled trip at least 2 hours in advance then they will be charged as a No Show or for Late Cancellation.

Q. How do I cancel a future scheduled trip for an upcoming trip?

A. Call MARTA’s Mobility Reservation Office at404-848-5000, Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Weekends/Holidays 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Q. How do I cancel a same day trip?

A. Call 404-848-5000 and follow the prompts to Mobility Services/ETA to cancel a same day trip.

Q. If I don’t cancel my trip in time, what will happen?

A. MARTA Mobility will allow as many as two occasions each month without a warning. However, when a customer has three (3) No-Show/Late Cancellation violations within a single month then the customer will receive a Warning Letter.

Q. What is a Warning Letter?

A. A Warning Letter will list each incident by date and time. The customer will be reminded how to properly cancel scheduled trips. This Warning Letter will be reviewed and may place your future Mobility service in jeopardy of suspension if the No Shows and Late Cancellations continue. The Warning Letter also provides you with an opportunity to dispute the listed incidents, and proof of extenuating circumstances that may have caused an incident.

Q. Can I dispute the claims made in the Warning Letter?

A. Yes. Customers have ten (10) days from the postmark date of any written notification to dispute any claim from MARTA Mobility. Please leave a voice message for the Superintendent of Mobility Operations at404-848-5000.

Q. What happens after I receive a Warning Letter?

A. MARTA reviews the trip history of any customer who has three (3) or more chargeable violations in the previous month. If a customer’s violations reach an excessive level then MARTA will suspend service and provide a written notification of the suspension dates.

Q. How does Mobility determine an excessive level that causes Suspension of service?

A. On the 10th of every month, Mobility reviews all the histories of customers who have received Warning Letters for the previous month. If a customer has been charged at least 3 times the system average for No Shows during that month then MARTA will suspend service.

Example: If the system’s average number of incidents last month was five (5), then a customer would have their Mobility service suspended if they have been charged with 15 or more incidents for that month.

Q. If I am suspended, how will I know?

A. MARTA will provide a written notification of the suspension dates. The suspension will go into effect on the 15th day of the next month and will last seven consecutive days.

Example: A customer had excessive No Shows or Late Cancellations in June. MARTA reviews the situation on July 10 and determines a suspension of service is necessary. A letter is mailed to the customer informing them that as of August 15 their service will be suspended for seven days (August 15-21).

Q. Can I appeal a suspension?

A. Yes. You have 10 days from the postmark date of the written notification of suspension to appeal.

Q. How do I make an appeal against suspension?

A. Please write a letter with your argument appealing the suspension and mail to:

MARTA Mobility Appeals Panel
Superintendent of Mobility Operations
2424 Piedmont Road, NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30324

Q. What are the steps in the Appeal Process?

 Upon receiving a written Appeal to Suspension MARTA will respond and acknowledge receipt in writing within seven business days.

 MARTA will provide an opportunity for the customer to be heard and provide information and arguments before an Appeals sub-committee of the MARTA Elderly & Disabled Access Advisory Committee (EDAAC). This EDAAC sub-committee meets are held once a month to hear customer appeals. Afterwards the Appeals subcommittee will make its recommendations to MARTA.

 Within a week, MARTA will provide the customer with written notification of the subcommittee’s decision. If service is to be suspended the rea­sons will be explained. Suspension will become effective no sooner than 30 days after the date of this written response.

Example: A customer attends an EDAAC meeting to make their verbal appeal on August 16th. The EDAAC Appeals subcommittee supports the suspension and a letter is mailed to the customer on August 18th. The suspension will not be enforced until at least 30 days later or no earlier than September 16th.

 If, after receiving the EDAAC committee’s evaluation and recommendation for suspension, the customer is not satisfied with the decision,then a panel consisting of at least 3 MARTA managers independent of Mobility will hear andrule on the appeal. In that event the customer should contact MARTA’s Eligibility Specialist in Mobility at 404-848-5000 for detailed information.

Q. What if I choose not to appeal a Warning or Suspension?

A. Suspension of service will become effective 30 days after MARTA’s written notifica

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What Are My Responsibilities When Riding A MARTA Mobility Vehicle? 

The following rules of conduct are provided to ensure the safety and comfort of all MARTA Mobility customers:

  • MARTA Mobility is public transportation and a fare is required when you board the vehicle. If you do not pay a fare at that time, the driver will refuse to provide the ride.
  • Each customer must adhere to the rules of conduct. Actions of misconduct, including violent or disruptive behavior, will be grounds for suspension of service. Anyone found to be acting in an unsafe or illegal manner which might endanger himself/herself, other customers, the driver or the vehicle will be terminated from the service immediately. MARTA will consider an appeal for said suspension of service on a case by case basis.
  • A customer requiring physical assistance outside the vehicle (e.g., to or from his/her door or assistance up stairways or difficult grades) must have a Personal Care Attendant or a Travel Companion accompany him/her. The companion will be responsible for providing the physical assistance the customer requires. MARTA Mobility Operators are required to stay with their vehicles.
  • Customers requiring medications or oxygen at regular intervals, should be advised that travel time on the MARTA Mobility vehicle is comparable to MARTA fixed route bus service. Ride times are subject to delays that may result in a customer’s on-board time being longer than sixty (60) minutes. Public transportation is subject to unpredictable conditions such as traffic delays, mechanical problems or delays caused by increased ridership. If you use an oxygen tank , it is recommended that you have a four (4) hour supply of oxygen.
  • Administering medication is the customer’s responsibility. MARTA cannot be responsible for, nor can schedules be adjusted to accommodate, the administration of medications once the vehicle is in route.
  • A customer requiring assistance in the administration of medications or oxygen while on the vehicle must travel with either a Personal Care Attendant or a Travel Companion. Should the administration of medications or oxygen become necessary while on the vehicle, MARTA will contact emergency medical assistance to administer the required medication at the customer’s expense. Repeated incidents in which medication schedules disrupt or delay other MARTA Mobility customers may result in the evaluation of the individual’s ability to ride MARTA Mobility.
  • MARTA subscribes to a No Tolerance policy (no smoking, eating or drinking) throughout the transit system. MARTA Mobility customers are prohibited from eating or drinking on the vehicle unless a medical condition requires one to eat or drink at specified times. In such cases, the customer must advise the driver of this fact.
  • The use of alcoholic beverages or riding under the influence of intoxicating drugs or alcohol is prohibited at all times.
  • Due to the nature of our shared-ride system, customers should take great care in tending to their personal hygiene, showing respect for other customers’ desire for a comfortable ride.
  • Customers are prohibited from playing radios without the use of headphones.
  • Customers may not operate or tamper with any equipment while on the vehicle. This rule includes operation of the hydraulic lift and attempts to remove wheelchair tie-downs or passenger seatbelts.

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What Are the MARTA Mobility Drivers' Responsibilities? 

Drivers are expected to obey the same rules as our customers. The following additional rules also apply:

  • Drivers cannot leave their vehicles unattended for lengthy periods of time.
  • Drivers can provide assistance to and from their door/entrance. However, this request must be made while the customer is booking their trip with the Reservationists.  

  • Drivers may provide limited assistance loading/unloading packages for customers.

  • Drivers are responsible for the operation of the hydraulic lift and for securing mobility devices safely in the vehicle.
  • Drivers cannot make change for fares.  Drivers may not accept tips or gratuities or act in any manner that would suggest that tipping is appropriate.

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What If I Lose Something While Riding A MARTA Mobility Vehicle? 

Any article left on the vehicle will be turned in to the MARTA Mobility Dispatch office. Articles will be held for thirty (30) days after which they will be turned over to MARTA’s Lost and Found department. To claim a lost article, call the MARTA Mobility dispatch office at (404) 848-4212.

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How Can I Receive A MARTA Mobility Customer's Guide in a Different Format? 

Customer Guides are available for individuals with visual impairments. To request a different version, please call MARTA at (404) 848-5000 through the Georgia Relay Service at 711 or 1-800-255-0135. Georgia Relay Service calls must be directed to our MARTA Mobility agents at 404-848-5000, during normal business hours.

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How Can I Make Suggestions, Comments or Inquiries About MARTA Mobility? 

MARTA seeks to provide our customers with safe, reliable and efficient transportation. We look forward to working with you to provide the best service possible.

If you have a suggestion or a comment about our services, please call MARTA’s Customer Service Center at (404) 848-5000.

You may also e-mail or write to:

MARTA Customer Service Center
2424 Piedmont Road, NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30324-3330

Specific details help MARTA thoroughly address your suggestions and comments. Please include the following information when calling or writing:

  • Name, address and telephone number
  • Day and time of experience
  • Vehicle number and/or driver’s name, if applicable
  • Reservation or MARTA Mobility Agent’s name, if concerning a telephone conversation
  • Explanation of incident, suggestion or comment

In an effort to support the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) goal to increase their outreach to consumers having difficulty accessing public transportation, MARTA has listed FTA toll free numbers for customers, disabled community advocates or the general public to call with concerns regarding public transit accessibility. The FTA numbers are as follows:

Voice: 1-888-446-4511

TDD/FIRS: 1-800-877-8339

Assistance for TDD Users: (202) 366-0153

Web Site:  Link to External Website 

E-Mail:  Link to External Website

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