MARTA Rail Realtime RESTful API

The Feed

Method to access the MARTA Real RESTful real-time data:

GetRealtimeArrivals – returns real-time train arrivals for all MARTA train stations: 


The MARTA Rail Real-time Data RESTful Web Service provides real-time train arrival information for MARTA stations. To use the service in your application, you need to sign up for the API key.

Sample Response

[{"DESTINATION":"Hamilton E Holmes","DIRECTION":"W","EVENT_TIME":"12\/27\/2013 12:29:42 PM","LINE":"BLUE","NEXT_ARR":"12:29:52 PM","STATION":"VINE CITY STATION","TRAIN_ID":"101206","WAITING_SECONDS":"-31","WAITING_TIME":"Boarding"},{"DESTINATION":"Airport","DIRECTION":"S","EVENT_TIME":"12\/27\/2013 12:30:06 PM","LINE":"GOLD","NEXT_ARR":"12:30:16 PM","STATION":"GARNETT STATION","TRAIN_ID":"302506","WAITING_SECONDS":"-7","WAITING_TIME":"Boarding"},…]

Code Examples

For examples on how to use the MARTA RESTful web service, please visit MARTA’s github page.